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My core beliefs

It is my declared goal to find you the best travel offers of the year!  ​


We would book it

Every day I manually search for great offers. My criterias are clear: an offer will only be posted if it’s so good that we would book it ourselves. ​


No Clickbait

I will try to be as short as possible. No bullshiting around. It's either a great deal, or it isn't. ​


High Quality

It is important for me to provide you with as much information as possible about our offers. ​


It’s Free

I offer you all the information and all functions completely free of charge. I also try to answer all of your questions!  So, how do I earn money? If, for example, you book a flight, hotel or a package tour through website, I often (but not always) receive a commission from the online travel agency or the airline. The tracking is done via the link forwarding you to the provider. For me, it is vital that you do not incur any additional costs and that you still get the best price.

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